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SINCE 1920...

Domenico Cappuccio was born on his family’s farm in Messina, Sicily during the late 1800’s. After his father passed away when he was in 2nd grade, Domenico was forced to leave school to help work the family farm. In 1910, as the rumblings of World War I began in Italy, Domenico decided it would be wise to join his brother in America. However, he was still drafted and this time would be asked to fight for the Americans.

Following his service, Domenico was offered a path to citizenship if he could find an American sponsor. After working several jobs in Southern New Jersey, Domenico ended up in Philadelphia’s Italian Market where he met a man who offered to provide him with sponsorship. This man, Charles Guinta, not only sponsored Domenico but gave him a job in his butcher shop and a place to stay above.

While working at the butcher shop, Domenico met his future wife, worked a fresh produce stand also in the Italian Market. After several years, Mr. Guinta felt that Domenico was ready to go out on his own and suggested he start his own shop down the street. After getting married, he took Guinta’s advice and opened up Cappuccio’s Meats at its current location. The couple would have three children, one of whom, Antoinette Cappuccio, would go onto run the shop with her husband Harry Crimi.

After Domenico retired, Harry and Antoinette Crimi took over Cappuccio’s Meats and continue to run the business today using the family’s traditional values with their son Dominic Crimi.


At Cappuccio's Meats, we aim to continue the family tradition of delivering high-quality sausages and meats that began with our grandfather, Domenico Cappuccio. Therefore, we only make our products with fresh, never processed ingredients, from local farmers in the Delaware Valley. More importantly, we want families to continue passing on the tradition of Cappuccio's Meats to the next generation of family and friends.


Local Black Angus Cattle raised on Philly's own Herr's Potato Chips, create a farm-to-table experience like no other.

Cappuccio’s Meats proudly serves local beef from the Herr’s Family Angus Farm in Chester County, Pennsylvania. This 1,000 acre farm is located minutes from the Herr’s snack food factory and is used to recycle the water, and snack foods that aren’t used by the factory. That’s right, these Herr’s cows are actually fed Herr’s Potato Chips. More specifically, the cows are fed “steer mix” a blend of pretzels, potato chips and other snack foods mixed with the cow’s traditional corn feed. This gives Herr’s beef a unique beefy flavor sought after by meat lovers everywhere. Stop by our store today and give it a try for yourself.

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