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2018 Philly Showcase of Wine, Cheese & Beer

We are so excited that Cappuccio’s Meats will be returning for this year’s Philly Showcase of Wine, Cheese & Beer!

You won’t want to miss this Italian Market favorite. Their wide selection of delicious Italian sausages is every meat lover’s dream.

Cappuccio’s Meats specialized in hot and mild sausages since first opening their doors in the South Street Italian Market in 1920 under the ownership of Domenico Cappuccio, whose legacy lives on through the work of his daughter Antoinette and her husband Harry Crimi Sr, who currently operate the store. While the store is known and loved for its sausages, Cappuccio’s also carries rare delicacies: Porchetta, Sides of Goat, Crown Roasts of Pork and Shoulder of Lamb. While they cite Pork Broccoli Rabe Sausage as their most popular offering, the personal favorite of the owners at Cappuccio’s is their Grilled Spinach and Provolone Sausage.

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