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Experienced and Friendly


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AVAILABLE ONLINE! Fresh pork, fresh crushed garlic, Italian seasonings and Guinness stout beer.

Fresh pork, sage and Cappuccio's secret family seasonings

AVAILABLE ONLINE! Fresh pork, with traditional Italian seasonings, garlic, and a hint of paprika. With or without fennel.

$9.99 /lb.

AVAILABLE ONLINE! Fresh pork with traditional Italian seasonings and a burst of spicy crushed red pepper

$9.99 /lb.

AVAILABLE ONLINE! Ground pork, salt, pepper, Italian red wine, fresh basil, and a touch of fennel.

$8.99 /lb.

Fresh pork, crushed tomato, basil, and Italian seasonings.

$8.99 /lb.

Fresh pork and granny smith apples with a twist of cinnamon. Great for breakfast or on the grill!

Spicy chicken with buffalo hot sauce, real blue cheese, and butter.

A flavorful alternative to pork sausages. Made out of fresh veal, red and green bell pepper, fresh vidalia onion, Italian seasoning.

Simple and fresh with lamb, rosemary and crushed garlic.

$12.99 /lb.

Fresh pork butt for a stronger flavor, sharp provolone cheese, and fresh Italian flat leaf parsley. An Italian classic!

AVAILABLE ONLINE! Fresh pork, sharp provolone cheese, and bitter broccoli rabe.

Fresh pork, tomato, garlic, and Italian seasonings.

$8.99 /lb.

Fresh pork, white wine, garlic, salt and a heap of spicy, smokey ground, red peppers.

AVAILABLE ONLINE! Fresh pork, sharp provolone, and fresh spinach.

$8.99 /lb.

Fresh pork, crushed garlic and Cappuccio's secret seasoning blend.

Fresh chicken, sharp provolone, and fresh spinach.

Fresh turkey, with a sprinkle water, sage, salt, pepper. Available in either hot or mild.

Fresh veal, garlic, and Cappuccio's zesty seasoning blend.

Fresh ground beef, sage, and Cappuccio's seasoning blend. Available in hot or mild.


Highest Quality, Hand-Trimmed Cuts


A tender cut of beef with a smooth, luxurious texture and mild flavor.


A highly marbled cut of beef that offers a juicy texture and big beef flavor.


A combination of strip steak and fillet sold on the bone to maximize taste.


Cappuccio’s servers only the highest quality, hand-trimmed cuts of beef sourced exclusively from local farmers.

Rather you’re looking for a buttery, dry-aged Herr’s Farm Black Angus “tomahawk steak” to celebrate a special occasion, or a hand trimmed roast for the holiday table, Cappuccio’s has the perfect cut of beef to satisfy your needs. And of course, our butchers are always available to create custom blends of ground beef for delicious restaurant quality burgers at home.


Cappuccio’s will only serve our customers milk-fed veal that is humanely raised at farms in the Delaware Valley.

Cappuccio’s Meats is one of the few butcher shops left in Philadelphia that still hand-trim choice cuts of veal to meet customer requests. Rather the recipe calls for veal cutlets, chops, shanks, or a roast our staff has a cut to more than satisfy your needs.


Fresh hand-cut lamb, one of the most overlooked meats, is actually one of the most flavorful cuts in the butcher shop.

Lamb is adaptable to wide range of climates and, therefore, can be raised in almost every state in the country. However, at Cappuccio’s, we only use lamb that is raised locally to ensure it retains a fresh delicate flavor and never becomes “gamey.” Our butchers specialize in large cuts of lamb, such as a leg or shoulder, as well as hand-trimmed lamb chops, shanks, and sausages.


Cappuccio’s only serves fresh, locally sourced poultry that is raised without any antibiotics or growth hormones.

Don’t settle for the grayish pink, slimy, pre-packaged chicken sold by the big grocery store chains. Instead, visit Cappuccio’s Meats where we only sell fresh, hand trimmed, preservative free chicken. Rather you’re looking for a whole bird for roasting or healthy boneless, skinless chicken breasts, our butchers have what you’re looking for. In addition, we carry a variety of fresh poultry items such as turkeys, Cornish game hens, rabbits and other hard to find specialty meats.


Cappuccio’s only serves, fresh locally sourced goat from the area’s most humane farms.

Goat meat is the number one consumed meat in the world and is increasing in popularity throughout the United States. However, goat meat has been an Italian tradition for centuries. At Cappuccinos, we have been serving hand trimmed goat since the store opened in 1920. If you’ve never tried goat meat, it’s a lot like lamb, only milder and is prepared using similar cooking methods.